Unlimited Application Tactic

(Greater Motion of Consistency [9], hard miracle [-3], limited use [-2], self only [-3], uncommon [+1], 2 CP total)

Niall Lord-of-Days can get a lot done in a short time. This Gift allows him to perform an action and spread its effects instantly over a broad area, as though he had performed the same action dozens, hundreds, or even millions of times in different places. For example, and this is just an illustration, mind you, he could fill a sack with millions of toys, sneak into someone's house, eat some of their cookies, and drop a few toys out of his bag before leaving. Then he could activate this Gift, with the end result that millions of toys are left and millions of cookies are eaten worldwide. (He'd still have to have millions of toys to start with, possibly making them with another application of this Gift.)

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