Will Of The Gods


Bramblewood Vitalis, Power of Wandering
Chimera Neret, Power of Justification
Damian Marks, Power of History
Enki Byerley, Power of Adaptation
Eric Nidleheim, Power of Spiders
Kellen Middleton, Power of Metastable Systems


Sovereign Powers

Caesar Steelfire, Power of War
Meon, Power of Corruption

Imperial Ymera

The Web of Khedeb Neret, which makes right what cannot be made right

I stood before it and the awe and the scale of what I saw was mind-boggling. I was overwhelmed by it, by this thing which wrapped the whole of the world, this web of Khedeb Neret which hangs above Gasherbrum. It turned to look at me, and its eyeless face bored through me, carrying away all of my lies and prevarications, all of the barriers between myself and the world. I moved to open my mouth but it was covered by webs, I blinked and my eyes were covered with sticky fine silk.

I cried, for the first time in years, then. I don't know that I've ever stopped crying.

It asked me, this impossible vastness, it spoke to me in the twitching of the strands, and it asked me what I wanted most.

I couldn't find my mouth, my tongue, my throat. Without voice, I hunted for an answer. My hearts desire was pulled from me.

The web of Khedeb Neret wrapped my answer, trapping it forever.

"Pictures," I whispered, "Pictures of Spider-man."

- from My Son, the Werewolf by William Randolph Hearst

Enemies of Creation

Coriander Hasp, Deceiver of Unwise Words
Coriander Hasp, Deceiver Shard of the Deceiver Coriander Hasp
Elucidar Sturm, Warmain who wields the Test of Change
Ioulac Mourain, one-handed Strategist
Milford Ananse, Deceiver of Shadowed Webs, who was once (and is again) Eric Nidleheim

Locations and Properties

Locus Khedeb Neret
The Ocean of Rot and Tears [DECEASED]


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