Worshipful Hob Creation Technique

(Greater Creation of Fae [7], normal miracle [-2], one hob [-2], limited use [-2], uncommon [+2], 2 CP total)

Niall Lord-of-Days frequently finds it necessary to create various mythic beings to populate the ranks of the holiday archetypes, and this Gift allows him to do so. With it, he created the current Father Christmas once he tired of performing the office himself, along with the Pumpkin King, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and Jack Frost. He has also created various non-thematic servants for reasons of his own.

This Gift can create servants of fae nature, according to the specifications of the user. Each creation is born with 10 points of Passions and Skills and a 4-point Inherent Superiority related to their core function.

NOTE: This Gift was created for the second edition rules. In spite of my general translation of its function, this Gift is probably more aptly represented in 3e by the Treasure attribute.

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